Who we are?
The Rudloff-DNA

A journey back in time.

Who are the Rudloffs?

The "Rudloff’s Interior Decorating" company is a skilled crafts and trades company coming from a traditional background. The first Rudloff received his master craftsman’s papers in 1912 as a master saddler. The first upholstery orders were completed by Felix Rudloff. Fifty years later, Gerd Rudloff opened the first shop at the current company premises in Teutleben near Gotha. Continuing the family tradition, his son Mathias Rudloff graduated as master craftsman (in interior decorating). Mathias Rudloff took over the management and opened a branch in Waltershausen in 1999. The retail shop allowed more direct contact with the customers.

This personal contact is of particular importance for our self-image as a traditional skilled crafts company and a central part of the Rudloff company philosophy. For this reason we opened an another retail store in Gotha in 2007, a step that went hand in hand with the acquisition of this business area by Uwe Backhaus.

Today, "Rudloff’s Interior Decorating" is optimally positioned to operate nationwide and to guarantee its customers top service and quality.


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