The Fjordenhus in Vejle (DK)

The Fjordenhus is a work of art. Outside a fortress. Inside both commercial building, as well as exhibition. The house surrounded by water. Right in the middle Rudloff.

Olafur Eliasson has come up with something. With his commercial building / office / art gallery / architectural extravagance, the Danish artist has conceived a total work of art in which nothing is standard. Even the stones from which the Fjordenhus was built are custom-made. The interior design was then correspondingly sophisticated.

We were busy for two years only with the planning, the execution details and the sample production for the floor coverings and the curtains. We worked hand in hand with the executing construction company. The curtain rails, for example, are cast directly into the raw concrete ceiling - and that in a curved elliptical shape. Only natural materials such as linen and virgin wool were used for the curtains, which were custom-made according to a colour and feel concept agreed in advance.

On the floors of the Fjordenhus there are woven carpets (kilim), which were woven in the tafting process on a 10 metre wide loom. Of course, this loom was also custom-made. A very special challenge lay ahead for us: Transporting the carpets into the house. Floor coverings of this dimension are not simply carried through the stairwell. With crane and Co. all coverings could finally be transported into the rooms and then laid, including exact connections to the doors and natural stone tiles.