5-star quality for the Romantik Hotel on the Wartburg

Exclusivity wherever you look - this is what characterizes the Romantik Hotel on the Wartburg. It's clear that the hotel rooms must also radiate a very special ambience. That was exactly what we were responsible for.

The Wartburg is a legendary place steeped in history. According to the legend, Luther is said to have thrown the ink bottle at the devil. In any case, he translated the Bible into German there. A tremendous achievement with tremendous consequences for the entire Christian world. In short, there are few places in Germany that have a greater historical significance than the Wartburg. That's why people come to the Wartburg.

Meanwhile, there is another reason - a 5-star reason. The Romantik Hotel on the Wartburg invites lovers in an exclusive ambience for a fantastic stay. If you ask us: An extraordinary house, an extraordinary service, an extraordinary kitchen. And - if we can say that quite unpretentious - an extraordinary room.

We were able to equip 13 of these beautifully cut accommodations. And yes - at the beginning we were quite nervous. Shape, color, style ... there is so much to do. Do we meet the taste of the hotel management? Fortunately, it quickly turned out: Yes, that suits.

Decoration, curtains, drapes. Upholstery work on all seating furniture. Textile coverings. Fabric covers for all bed parts. Floor coverings. It was a complete order, which we were allowed to realize for the 13 rooms. And it was really special.

For the curtains and drapes, for example, we went to the blacksmith and had specially forged rods made. Most of the fabrics are made of natural materials and of course fire tested. All decorations are lined and even with small details we have worked with leather thongs, historical eyelets, decorative nails and buttons.

For the seating furniture, we have used historical models and have implemented a cover concept from the Wartburg Foundation. In our sewing workshop we created unique, individual covers. All frames were repainted. Decorated cushions on the sofas rounded off the upholstery work.