112 years old - and as beautiful as the first day.

It would have been a real pity if this historic staircase from 1905 had not made the leap into the here and now. Fortunately, the rescue came in time. Nothing can be seen of the linoleum covering on the steps. All traces of the woodworm infestation could be removed. In short: The staircase in a Friedrichroda villa shines in new or old splendour.

Until it was so far, there was a lot for us to do. First the stairs were completely repaired. The surfaces were sanded down and treated with oil. Afterwards we laid footfall noise in order to reduce the footfall noise to a minimum. After all, the neighbours don't necessarily have to know when you came home on the last evening.

The foundations were laid with it. Then it went to the optics. Most important question here: Which material is best suited? It has to be resistant - but still optically convincing. The choice fell on a sisal carpet in muted red. Sisal protects the stairs, absorbs the dirt and reduces the noise once again. Altogether four runs, three landings and stair turns with ornamental hand seams were processed. The sisal carpet barrel is held with visually appealing brass rods and nails.

Thus in the result a quite elegant stairway developed, which convinces by timeless Design and high-quality materials.

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