The master craftsman (junior) at work.Tobias Rudloff
  • Managing Director
  • Interior decorating master
  • Advising private clients on drapes & sun protection
  • Upholsterers
The master craftsman (senior) at work.Mathias Rudloff
  • Managing Director
  • Interior decorating master
  • Planning | Management of properties | Supervision of architects and upholstery customers
  • Upholsterers
Head of accounting and shop manager.Anke Rudloff
  • Accounting
  • Office Management
  • Waltershausen store management
  • Logistics
The apprentice with a flair for material.Peter Fruehauf
  • Interior decorating apprentice
  • Upholsterers
  • Conversion & realisation in the field of car upholstery and boat upholstery
The apprentice with a flair for space.Marcel Steinbach
  • Interior decorating apprentice
  • Field of activity: Logistics & warehouse
  • Painters and floor layers
  • Upholsterers
Custom tailor with leading responsibilities.Kerstin Köhler
  • Custom tailor for fashions.
  • Management of the shop in Gotha
  • Curtain assembly
The promising next generation.Renee Sophie Dabrowski
  • Apprentices in interior decorating crafts.    
  • Teaching area: upholstery and curtain assemblies

Apprenticeship to
interior decorater

  • Learn to design and customize window decorations.
  • Learn to re-upholster furnitures.
  • And you're an exceptional, creative-oriented team player.